골프 액세서리

To cater for client’s wide range of requirements, and to provide high quality service to our clients in different countries, Jian has established ourselves as one of the professional manufacturer engaged in offering premium quality of golf accessories to supply our customers with high quality product at rather competitive pricing. We supply wide range of classic golf accessories, such as Golf Divot Tools and Ball Markers, Golf Glove Holders, Golf Hat Clips, Golf luggage Tags, Golf Towel Ring and Golf Money clips etc. Customized designs are welcomed and there are multiple open designs free of mold charge for options, please contact us for further information!



● 재질 : 청동, 구리, 철, 아연 합금, 스테인레스 스틸, 알루미늄, 퓨터 등

● Size: Custom size is welcome. Open designed size is available.

● 사용자 정의 디자인, 모양, 색상 및 크기를 사용할 수 있습니다.

● Plating Color: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Nickel, Copper, Rhodium, Chrome, Rose gold, Black nickel, Dyeing black, Antique gold, Antique silver, Antique copper, Satin gold, Satin silver, dye colors, dual plating color, etc.

● 로고 프로세스 : 스탬핑, 주조, 사진 에칭, 새겨진, 인쇄 등

● 색상 : 모방 하드 에나멜 (부드러운 cloisonné), 부드러운 에나멜, 반짝이, 착색 또는 인쇄 없음 등

● 다양한 액세서리 선택.

● Packing: 1pcs/ poly bag, Velvet bag, PVC pouch, Gift box packaging are available or according to customer’s requirements.