애완 동물 가죽 끈


More and more people raise pets, to keep your pets safe and not disturbing others when go outdoors, you will need the pet collars and pet leashes. Our pet leashes & collars made of nylon/ imitation nylon material are very soft and are durable enough to undergo a pull of 1750lbs. They can help you train and protect your dog from injuries. Leather dog leads are also producible.

You can custom pet leashes with your own designs to make your pets outstanding in the street. The adjustable buckles and hooks help to fit loosely around the neck so that it does not choke the pet. It's great to make your large sized canine friend feel safe and comfortable when you take him out for walks.


● 랜야드 유형 : 나일론 / 모조 나일론 애완 동물 가죽 끈, 가죽 애완 동물 가죽 끈 등.

● 표준 애완 동물 가죽 끈 크기 : 긴 6 피트, 중간 - 5 피트, 짧은 3.5 피트.

● 색상 : 판톤 색상 당 사용자 정의 염료.

● 로고 : 실크 스크린 인쇄, CMYK 인쇄, 염료 승화 / 열 전달, 짠다.

● 랜야드 액세서리 : 금속 후크, 조절 가능한 플라스틱 버클 등

● 포장 : 10pcs / 폴리 가방, 또는 고객의 요청에 따라.